Our Committee


Duncan Cameron (He/Him)

I've been part of the Lions for over 4 years now and have loved every minute of it. I'm very excited to take over as Chair and look forward to seeing how the Club progresses over the coming season.


Mark Lewis-Evans (He/Him)

I have been with Lions for 6 years and part of the committee for 5. From the moment I joined the lions I felt valued supported and loved and I am not the best player but I am fully committed.

Club Secretary

Dan James (He/Him)

I have always played sport, but was looking for something new, physically challenging and fun. I joined The Lions in 2017 and it’s something I wish I’d done sooner because it has offered me fantastic experiences and I have met lots of great people from various backgrounds. Being part of the Committee enables me to give something back to a club that has given me so much over the years.

Social Secretary

Jack Weston (He/Him)

Joining the Lions was the best thing I’ve ever done, I’ve made a massive group of new friends whilst growing as a player! Being able to help the club grow as part of the committee is really exciting! Roll on the 23/24 season!

Fundraising Secretary

Liam Jenkins (He/Him)

Even though I have only been with the Club for a couple of seasons, I have had the best time since being with the Lions, especially on the social side. I would love to help the Team grow so many others can have as much fun.

Social Media Secretary

Daniel C de la Fuente (He/They)

As someone who never played rugby before, I thought joining the Lions would be scary and intimidating. I couldn't be any more wrong. Everyone made me feel welcomed and helped me learn. The Club has made me feel at home and I have made some of my closest friends here, and training has become my favourite part of the week. My biggest regret was not joining sooner!

Team Manager

Liam Donovan (He/Him)

I've been with the Lions since 2016. I think this picture shows one of the main reasons people find the lions, to find a pride. I've scrolled through pictures from 2016 to present day and other than my actual family (and tally wise I'd still question who has the most) my picture feed is majority Lions related. So come along and join, you won't regret it.

Head Coach

Tom Andrews (He/Him)

Joining the Lions was one of the best things I’ve done in my years playing rugby, I have developed a lot of strong friendships from the team.

As head coach, I would like to continue seeing the Lions thrive with their achievements, to continue to develop as players, and to see the club to continue to expand and break down stigmas and barriers.